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Guardian-Titans - New Destiny Season 1
Chapter 1 - Episode 17 - The name of the missing boy

Opening Theme: Good-bye Crisis by Masami Okui

Disclaimer: Any copyrighted materials in this story belong to their respective owners, that means all familiar characters belong to either Disney, Warner Brothers, Namco-Bandai, Sega, Archie Comics, Hasbro, Taraka Tomy, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network, Teletoon, Capcom, SNK, Shouen Jump, Marvel and DC. But the story line, and any Original characters I made up, are mine.

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Kitty asked "So you guys already know what happine when Batman told you."

Alvin said "That's correct, it's Unclear if the Injustice League and the Foundation are on the same page."

"The Foundation who are they the Injustice League's answer to the Teen Titans?" Rigby asked

Alvin said "Let's talk back at the Carrier.'

Moments later back at the Titan Carrier Alvin tells Kitty and Dudley of what they know about the foundation's so far.

Kitty said "Let me recap what you said, some young man told Johnny and Kelly that the Fog Cloud that apppered in Gravity Falls had been the result of someone who gotten frustrated while looking for someone who's life she been trying to control, after he abandon her she went looking for him. But when he wasn't see around near Gravity Falls, she got so angry her frustration overwhelming her leading her to start punching the ground, unknown to her, her hateful frustration made a crack into another dimension that is Parallel from Earth, The Land of OOO and Equestria. When Kelly ask of her name the young man told Her and Johnny he doesn't know her name but he does know that she's one of the ring leaders who are responsible for the incident last year in Danville."

"Yeah I heard about on CNN this girl is one of the who were responsible for crashing the fair?" Mordecai said

Johnny said "Afterward Dipper and I met this guy named Neon who been send to earth by his master to close up the dimmensional crack this girl made. He also told us about Hate Shadows."

"Hate Shadows?" Dudley asked

Dipper explained "Acording to Neon A Hate Shadow are a corrupted version of the Shadows, Normal Shadows are completely harmless but when a Shadow has been expose to Negative Energy that Shadow become violent acting on hateful impulses. Neon also said that the Persona me, Mable and Thristopher gain areare awaken Version of Shadows also our Persona also Take weapon form kinda like how Soul turn into a Scythe."

"So these persona are kinda like your Weapon Partner" Soul asked

"You could say that." Dipper said

"So that oversize ape is and the wolf that killed the girl in Neon City and the Crab that grabbed Pacifica were Hate Shadows. Dudley we should let malory and the others know in case one of the Hate Shadows pop up where eise." Kitty said

Johnny said "BTW there's some other stuff Kelly and I learn from Candace while Finn went to Gravity Falls."

Kelly explained "Candace told us that she over heard her father explained to her Mom that his father was a feudal Warlord from the Shadow World, when Jonathan and his twin brother were 7 they were separated when a man called Ceril Ceyrano came to Earth seeking revenge on Flynn Family. While Jonathan's Twin brother in to New York. He was sent to London to where he had been under the care of the Fletcher until he was 18 and head off to collage."

Kitty said "My brother did say that Jonathan Flynn has been raised by a Family in London since he was 7. So Neon's master is Jonathan Flynn's biological father who went missing since he and his brother was separated."

"Did you say Flynn?" Finn asked

-Flash back-

"You're not from around here are you, what's your name?"

Finn introduces himself "The name is Finn."

"I'm Alexander Flynn, i'm with the International Police." Alex introduce himself to Finn

"Looks like we both came for the same thing?"

"You know something about that Fog that started to Disappearing?"

"Kinda I'll tell you what I know but not around here."

-Flash Back ends-

"Dad said his Twin brother's name is Alex and you met him" Candace grabs Finn by the shirt "Why did you tell anyone?!"

"Lay off! I didn't know any about that Alex Flynn and your dad are bros!" Finn pushes Candace off him

Stacy said "Candace claim down there's no way he could have known."

Johnny asked "Kitty has this face appeared in the missing persons report?"

Kitty took a look at the Photo "I have no idea who this person is."

Keswick grab the Photo "Hey I seen this before!"

Kitty look to her right "Keswick where did you came from?"

Keswick pointed at Elise who Dragged Dan inside the Carrier "I followed those 3?"

"Elise you better unhand me you RIGHT NOW!"

"Elise what did he do now besides entering our apartment unannounced?" Kitty asked

"Dan you wanna explain yourself?"

Dan said "For that last time I have no idea the name of the guy who told the copy of the apartment Key!"

Muscle Man said "His name is Algernop Krieger he's the head of the ISIS applied research department or something."

"Krieger?! I should have known! I'm going to report him as soon as I get back" Kitty said

"Okay you got the guy's name not let me leave this club house! I don't wanna be around these Teenagers and the Pre-Teens." Dan said

Alvin said "Not so fast why would go into someone else’s home?"

Dan said "I want Revenge on Injustice League for what Lex Luthor did to my car!"

"That's it! You're upset over a car?!" Trixie asked

"His car is not the only thing has been ruined, my Trailer is gone Bro I have no place to stay!"


Trixie asked "Don't you have Insurance like All-State?"

Muscle Man said "I can't afford that."

Dan said "I'll not be conned to the those Insurance scams I seen those Commercials.'

Gumball asked "Dude how can you have a car without Car Insurance?"

Chris looked at Gumball "Dad doesn't he remind you of someone we know from High School?"

Dan said "Like who?"

"You don't remember, she's heading this way."

out of no where Nicole rushes in and tackles Dan to the floor and starting punching him until Samuel came and pulled her off

"Mrs. Watterson what gotten into you?"

"Unhand me he had this coming since High School!"

Dan finally realize who it is "Nicole why are you here? And why this kid looks like a gender swap version of yourself?"

Nicole introduces her son to Dan, Chris and Elise "He's my son his name is "Thristopher" Gumball Watterson."

"Gumball? You gave you son a name like that? I understand Thristopher since it sould like Chris's name but why name him Gumball?"

Nicole slaps Dan in the face

"Bright Slapping?"

Dipper said "For the record I don't called him Gumball, I address him as Thris or Thristopher."

"Good I bet the kids made fun of the name Gumball." Dan said

"No they don't!" Gumball said

"Dan you remember that Nicole is from Elmore right?" Chris asked

Dan said "I have not forgotten about that town."

Just then Richard hugs both Dan and Chris "Dan, Chris It's good to see you both."

Dan look up "Richard? Don't tell me you and Nicole are Married?"

"She did told you her son's full name." Kitty said

Dan look as Anais "I'm assuming this small rabbit here is your daughter."

Anais kicks Dan in the knees "That's for going into someone eise's home weirdo."

"Weirdo? Look young lady i'm wasn't the only one *Pointing at Muscle Man* He invade their home too, I just walked into their apartment asking for TUFF and ISIS assist on taking revenge on the Injustice League for what Lex Luthor did to my car." Said Dan

"There's a Problem with that, Those guys can tear up a person like you in seconds." Anais said

Mable said "Anais is right you're planning to getting revenge on Super Villains."

Keswick came back "I'm back while you guys were trying to talk some sense into this man, I for the info on this young boy from the Photo."

Johnny asked "You did what's his name?"

"His name is Johnny Hitswell and he's from Pleasant Hill."

"Okay Let's head to this Pleasant Hill and fine him." Finn said

"Hold on I'm not done, According to what I got up about him, He has been the subject of a girl named Riley Daring and her middle school sweet heart. Even though every girl in the school is all over him, he tends to pay no attention to them most of the time, except for his annual Kumquat Day card readings. He enjoys basketball and baseball, and plays on the same baseball team as Riley and her brother Todd he starts dating Riley as Boyfriend and Girlfriend."

"So this another Johnny is one of those guys who have all of the girls wanted to love his D###k."

Dudley said "I'm glad we put Helen into a all girl's School I may have to shock someone if they try to take adventage of Daddy's Little Girl."

"Take it easy Agent Puppy I don't think Johnny Hitswell have took adventage on any of those girls or Riley." said Keswick

"Well at least Cal isn't like that." Kitty said

Mordecai look over to his left "A Skeleton?"

Rigby asked "Who is that moving?"

Just then Brook walked over "Hello there Mrs. Puppy."

Dan look to his right "Talking Skeleton!!"

"What the hell?" Elise step back

Chris held a cross in front of him "It's a walking undead!"

Kitty looked over her shoulder "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Kitty hops into Dudley's arms

"The dead walk among us!" Dudley yelled

Helen said "Mom, Dad relax this Brook and it from what you see he and the rest of the Straw Hats are not from our world."

Keswick said "So he and these Straw Hats are from a Parallel Dimension like Finn."

Brook asked "Pardon me miss Elise could you be so kind if you and Mrs. Puppy show me your panties?"


Elise kicks Brook in the jaw bone and Kitty slaps him in the right side of his face

Chris said "Excuse me but Elise is my wife and also I can see her Panties and the same goes with Dudley and Kitty."

Pops asked "He's not gonna hurt us?"

Brook gets back up "No sir I would never harm any of Johnny Test and Finn's guest."

Dan said "Okay I'm leaving talking undead Skeletons is were I draw the line."

Mordecai said "We should be going too, we need to check up on Skips at the local Hospital."

Kitty said "Dudley and I should go with you guys just in case."

Johnny said "Okay let's head out to Pleasant Hill and fine out more about this other Johnny who is giving other guys named Johnny a bad name."

"Like who?" Candace asked

Johnny said "John McCain, Johnny Deep, John Cena and whoever famous person who's name is Johnny not just Me, Your Dad and Connie's Dad."

"Johnny Test you don't know he's been given guys named Johnny a bad name." Said Kelly

"We'll fine that when we fine out more about him." Johnny said

To be continue
Ending Theme: Fly Away by Izawa Asami
Chapter 1 - Episode 17 - The name of the missing boy
Both the Titans and TUFF - ISIS discovers the name of a Missing Teenage boy

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