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Guardian-Titans - New Destiny Season 1
Chapter 1 - Episode 16 - Another Encount

Opening Theme: Good-bye Crisis by Masami Okui

Disclaimer: Any copyrighted materials in this story belong to their respective owners, that means all familiar characters belong to either Disney, Warner Brothers, Namco-Bandai, Sega, Archie Comics, Hasbro, Taraka Tomy, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network, Teletoon, Capcom, SNK, Shouen Jump, Marvel and DC. But the story line, and any Original characters I made up, are mine.

*…* actions
(…) thoughts
~…~ emphasis on word

Dan asked "Are you the one in charge?"

The Chief said "She's one of them, So what do you want?"

"Revenge on Luthor Lex and his Injustice League." Dan said

Chris and Elise enter the Building

"Dan you can't take on the Injustice League you're not a Metahuman?"

Helen turns off the MP3 Player

Helen asked "What's going on here?"

Darwin explained "There's this 16 year old Dipper had a Crush on but a day ago he found that she had a boyfriend, a Pokemon Rancher named Wild Joe

"This is just like what Uncle Johnny told us what happine when mom learned that Cal's father is getting married to someone eise." Helen said

"I'm guessing this was before you were born." Gumball said

Connie said "Dad told about that how did Aunt Kitty found out about Eric getting marry to someone eise?"

Helen explained "Back before they started working together Mr. Archer told everyone at both TUFF & ISIS not to tell Mom they been told about Cal's father, However there was one member of ISIS who couldn't keep her mouth closed about it."

"That would be Cheryl/Carol Tunt." Connie said

"I see Kitty was down in the dumps over Eric but what that has to do with me?"

Helen said "My mom learned to move on and it was my father that helped her pick up the pieces, It's just like what Aunt Hillary told her just because the person you like is no longer there doesn't mean it's the end, like my mom did you'll eventually fine someone you like agian."

"I'll try." Said Dipper

Anais said "And Gumball can't be the one to help you fine you the one? You'll have to do that yourself."

Now at the Local Police Station Benson and the others bailed Muscle Man and High Five out of Jail

"Muscle Man was were you think going into someone eise house?" Benson demand

"I already explain it My Trailer is gone I have no place to stay, It's not like you were gonna late us crash in your apartment."

"You're right I wouldn't allow that."

Mordecai asked "Muscle Man how did you get a copy of the key to their Apartment?"

-Back at ISIS-

Keswick said "That was you?"

Krieger covers Keswick's mouth "Shhhhhhhhhh It was the only to get Mitch and Dan from nagging me, Mitch has been bitching about his Trailer and Dan been nagging me into helping him ge Revenge on Lex Luthor, like hell I'll make an enemy out of Lex Luthor."

"You could have told Mrs. Archer or the Chief."

"I could have but making copy keys was so easy and they paid me for it, So what's it gonna be to keep your quite about it?"

"That holographic girlfriend simulation of yours I want one just like it, I'm lonely!"

Back at the Station Dan walks out of the building with Chris

"I wonder why Elise bothered?"

Elise turned around and punches Dan in the chest

"What the heck is wrong with Dan, It's bad enough you did with me and Chris but what do with Kitty and Dudley?"

"Hey you're not the one who's car have been destroyed!"

"Where did you get a copy of their apartment Key?" Elise demanded

"I don't know his name but he sold it to me for 50$." Dan said

Elise pulled Dan by the ear

"Owwww where are you taking me?"

"Dreamcity, since Kitty has been asked her niece to speak with someone I think she should know how you open the door to her apartment."

Now in Dreamcity Dudley and Kitty enters the town

"Kitty how come they call this place Dreamcity?" Dudley asked

Kitty said "From what I know is that after the city has been establish the town founder Monosuke Yukimura The Hedgehog wanted the told to represent the hopes and dreams of every Mobian who came here from Mobius."

Dudley look around "So where Connie wants us to met her at?"

Kitty look at the map "She said she'll be at the Junes Department Store right near the foot court."

Now at the Food Court everyone including Dipper sat down

Dipper asked "Who are we waiting for?"

Darwin said "Connie said her Aunt and Uncle from Petropolis will be here."

Then Dudley and Kitty sees everyone

"Aunt Kitty over here?" Connie waved her hand to get Kitty's attention

"Hello Connie so what did you need me to speak with?" Kitty asked

Connie explained "His named is Dipper Pines and like you he was devastated when Cheryl told you about Eric getting married and remember what happine afterward."

Gumball said "I for one try to fine him a girl his age but Dipper has this crush on this 16 year old girl who works for his Uncle named Wendy."

-Flash back-

"Play it with someone eise, I'm not interested." Said Dipper

"But Dipper Wendy is too old for you, I was only trying to help you out." Said Gumball

"Thanks but no." Dipper said

Gumball said "Dude as far a you're concern Wendy may already have a boyfriend a Boy "Her age" Friend if you get what I'm saying?"

"If you're talking about Robbie V. they broke up." Dipper said

"Okay if it's not this Robbie you speak off then it could be someone eise she could be in bed with. Let's face it You and Wendy being together will be a very day sad." Gumball said

"What about you, don't you have a crush on someone you like?"

"Yes I do her name is Penny and she's the same age as me. I'm trying to save your ass for getting your heart broken!"

"You don't know that Wendy has another Boyfriend or not."

"And neither you do!"

Gumball said "Dipper have you ever watch or heard of Dateline with Chris Hansen?"

Dipper yelled "They don't do Catch of Predator anymore. Have you forgotten that Hansen had an affair with another journalist, Kristyn Caddell, which led to his departure from NBC?"

"I'm not talking about that!"

-Flash Back ended-

"Chris Hansen had an affair that got him kicked out of NBC?" Dudley asked

Gumball said "Yes, anyway I was only trying to save Dipper from getting his heart broken when he refused to listen and when he saw Wendy's New Boyfriend been in the slumps listening to sad R&B and J-pop music."

Kitty said "I see when he learned that Wendy has a new boyfriend Dipper's reaction was like mine when I learned about Eric getting married." She look toward Gumball "As for you, see you wanted to help Dipper but you should have told him before you try to play match maker. Dipper may have lost his chance to be with Wendy but maybe in the next life he may have a chance."

"Or in another Parallel Reality another Version of him is together with Wendy and hopefully he doesn't have to deal with some like him." Johnny pointed at Robbie who is slamming a bat at Benson's Car


"SHUT UP!" Robbie threw the bat at Benson "I lost my girlfriend!"

"I don't care you don't bash my car!"

Kitty look at her left "Benson?"

"You know that talking Gumball Machine?" Connie asked

"A little, Benson just what are you doing?" Kitty demand

Benson grabs Robbie "This punk bash my car just because he lost his girlfriend."

"Wendy left me for some BBQ loving redneck from Texas!"

Richard came and pushes Robbie into the floor "Now you see here mister I love BBQ especially Texas BBQ you don't be mocking someone just because they are from a state like Texas."

"Just what so special about Texas."

Just then a female Orange Tabby grabs Robbie "Excuse me Goth boy my family is from that State and you're upset because your Ex left you for someone from Texas! I should pound you into the ground but as a High School Teacher I cannot do that."

"No but I can!" Benson jumped Robbie and started punching him until Mordecai and Rigby get pulled him off Robbie

"Benson stop that's assault!"

"You wanna get arrested like Muscle Man did?"

"Let go off me or you both are fired!"

Rigby said "You can't fired us, we don't even have a job anymore."

"That's right the park is gone remember."

"But I'm still you're boss."

Kitty then slaps Benson across his face

"If that's your attitude toward people nobody shouldn't even bother working for some uncaring jackass like yourself."

Robbie gets up from off the ground "Get that talking vending Machine away from me!"

Benson turned around "You again! You TUFF - ISIS Bastards the reason the park is destroyed!"


"Dude you can't blame them for what Injustice League did?" Said Mordecai

"You're blaming TUFF and ISIS for what the Injustice League done to that park?" Connie said

Alvin came outside and said "We heard what happine from Batman, TUFF and ISIS was only doing what they were sent to do, you're the one who kicked them out before they could complete their mission."

"Senpai's right, that's your fault!" Kanji said

Samuel said "I have no idea what Benson hope to gain by blaming TUFF and ISIS when it he was the one who kicked them out when they were doing their mission."

Jeff said "I think the guy have some anger issues either that or he just hate TUFF and ISIS".

"A real disturbed person, makes you wonder why Mordecai and Rigby work for someone like that." Trixie said

Unable to take it Benson lashed out at everyone "SHUT THE HELL UP ALL OF YOU! Damn Teenagers! You have no idea what shit I been through!"

"Who cares! If you hate your life that much!" Nicole pulled out a shotgun "Then you should this into your mouth and shoot yourself in the face!"

Gumball asked "Mom where did you get that Shotgun?"

"Excuse me miss but Suicide is the least of Benson's mind right now. My father, the Park's owner he learned what happine to the Park and he just send his body guard Mr. Gonzales to have "A word" with him." Pops said

Dudley asked "Who's this Gonzales guy?"

Mordecai said "Mr. Gonzales he works for Pop's Dad as his Bodyguard he started sending Mr. Gonzales to "have a Word" with Benson whenever there's a Problem at the park."

Gumball asked "Mom what he mean by "A word with him"?"

Nicole explains "I'm guessing this Gonzales mean to beat the living day lights out of this man."

Kitty asked "Pops where did your father get this guy?"

Pops explained "My father was in Columbia at the time when he met this harden Brazilian man he hired him as his bodyguard."

Kanji said "So Benson became his whipping boy, I'm guessing that your old man is very impatient towards Benson like how he's impatience towards these two, Blaming him for whatever they screw up."

As car pulled up a tall Brazilian human male with brown hair, blue eyes wearing a grey suit steps out of the car "Benson before I have "A word" with you do you care to explain why Lex Luthor trashed the Boss's park?"

Benson Pointed toward Kitty and Dudley "It's all their fault, them and their TUFF - ISIS Co-Workers!"

"Don't you blame my Aunt and Uncle for something you let happine!" Connie was about to threw a Kunai at Benson but Alvin held her back

"No Connie-San let Benson take responsibility for a Incident that could be avoided if he just allowed TUFF and ISIS complete their mission."

"Alvin-Kun is right Connie the man have this." Trini said

"I'll let the Cat-girl have whatever left of him, that's if there's anything left of him when i'm done with him. As for you Benson Mrs. Archer has informed the Boss about their mission he even E-mailed you about the day before."

"He knew about our Mission at the park then why he did he kicked us out before we could complete our mission?" Kitty asked

"But, But, But!" Benson went into complete panic when he realized that he forgot about the E-mail he got the day before

Richard asked "Excuse me but what do you mean by have a "Word" with Benson?"

"Benson here sign an agreement with my boss giving me the Legal right to kick his sorry ass when something screw up at the park."

Mr. Gonzales pick Benson off the ground and head back to his car and drove off

"I hate to be him right now" Richard said

"Is he gonna kill him?" Darwin asked

Mordecai said "Not really last time that dude beat Benson REAL bad and we have to take him to the ER."

Kitty asked "So you guys already know what happine when Batman told you."

Alvin said "That's correct, it's Unclear if the Injustice League and the Foundation are on the same page."

"The Foundation who are they the Injustice League's answer to the Teen Titans?" Rigby asked

Alvin said "Let's talk back at the Carrier.'

To be continue
Ending Theme: Fly Away by Izawa Asami
Chapter 1 - Episode 16 - Another Encount
Kitty and Dudley are asked to come to Dreamcity to speak with Dipper who is Depressed over Wendy

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